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Why Financial Coaching

If we are honest, all of us could use and benefit from some type of coach at one point or another in our lives. A coach helps us overcome those barriers that prevent us from doing what we know we should be doing. A coach is one who understands our needs and goals and walks along side of us to get where we need or want to be. They will point out the blind spots in our lives and help us overcome them.

Chances are strong you could use a financial coach for many reasons. The most likely one is you don’t have control over your monies. You have no idea where the money that you have worked hard to earn goes every month. Maybe you inherited a sum of money and want to manage it in a way where it just doesn’t disappear on you. Maybe you have some dreams or big purchases coming up and you need help in achieving those dreams or figuring out how you are going to make those big purchases.

A financial coach can help with your investments. They won’t tell you what to invest in as that is left to the experts like a financial advisor or planner. But they can advise you as to how to structure your investments.

A financial coach does not do tax preparation as that is left up to the experts like a CPA. But they can advise you on how to structure your finances so that you can maximize your time with a CPA.

A financial coach does not handle the legal matters of your finances as that is left up to the experts like an attorney. But a financial coach can point you to what types of attorneys you need for your situation.

As a matter of fact, a financial coach plays and integral part in with your financial team i.e. financial advisor, CPA, attorneys etc.

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My Story

Like most people, I had struggled with my finances. I either didn’t make enough or I didn’t properly manage my finances when I did make enough. Financial fights with my wife often occurred whenever we dared to talk about it. The way we were handling our finances caused a major strain on our relationship with each other and it was extremely stressful for the both of us. It just had to change, and it did.

We now have a healthy perspective of finances and manage it well. We also communicate well with each other. The most amazing thing is this has put me in a place to guide you through your situations, regardless of where you are with your finances.

I also am a former Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. I have led and continue to lead several Financial Peace University classes, have gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Masters Training and am a Ramsey Financial Coach.  . Because my heart leads me to helping people change their attitudes and behaviors toward real transformation with their finances, I have chosen the career of being a financial coach.


What are the differences between Financial Coaches, Financial Advisors/Planners and CPA’s?

Financial Advisors and Planners are regulated by the government and most often concentrate on investing. They can also help manage those investments over time. They are educated in the specifics of investments and can educate you in which specific investment is right for you. CPA’s are helpful in making sure that your finances are structured in a way so that you can receive the greatest tax deductions and that tax documents are file correctly with the government. A Financial Coach will assist you in the day to day money management strategies that many people need guidance in. Specifically, the skills to earn, manage and grow your money while still living life. We look at the entire life picture to see where we can focus on to make your dreams come true. Financial Planners and CPA’s do not assist in creating budgets or paying down debt. While Financial Coaches will discuss the long-term financial plan, planners will go into details about investments they believe to be the best for you, specifically.

Is cost of coaching worth it?

How much is freedom worth? Looking only financially, our clients get a 20x-30x return on their coaching investment. When you have a person review your situation and help you to get on the same page, you can expect to yield many times your time and monetary investment – for a LIFETIME. Our pricing is a sliding scale based on complexity of situation, household size, and income so schedule a free consultation today.

Does my spouse need to participate?

It is helpful. You will get much better results. If you are fighting against each other instead of playing as a team, your progress may be hindered

Do you offer refunds?

No. We invest our time and know that you will get out of the session(s) what you put into them and much more.

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